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Assurant - Illinois PPO Networks

When applying for an Assurant individual or family health insurance plan in Illinois, you have the option of selecting either the Private Health Care Systems (PHCS) PPO network or the HealthLink PPO network. The PHCS network is statewide and available to all Illinois residents while the HealthLink network is for residents living outside the Chicago metro area, especially southern Illinois. Because of its larger size and national presence, the PHCS network is more expensive than the HealthLink network.

Provider Health Care Systems (PHCS) Network

PHCS is the nation's largest provider network with one of the most extensive networks in Illinois. With more than 80,000 providers and 3,600 facilities nationwide, you will almost always be close to a PHCS network provider or hospital whether you are in Chicago, southern Illinois, or traveling throughout the country.

Please visit the Assurant networks page for additional information.

HealthLink Network (Outside Metro Chicago)

The HealthLink network has an extensive presence throughout downstate Illinois. Because the HealthLink network is concentrated outside of Chicago, it is noticeably less expensive than PHCS. For individuals and families living in the 61801 thru 62999 Zip Codes, HealthLink provides an extensive PPO at an affordable cost.

To see if your doctor or hospital is in the HealthLink PPO network, use the HealthLink Provider Finder.