Individual Health Insurance

In Illinois, your ability to buy an individual health insurance policy from a private insurance compoany depends on your health status. In general, insurance companies in Illinois are free to turn you down because of your health status and other factors. When applying for an individual health policy, you will be asked questions regarding your health history. Depending on your health status, insurers might decline to sell you coverage or offer to sell you a policy with special limitations on what it covers. Every insurance company has their own set of underwriting guidelines. For certain medical conditions, a person may be declined by one company, offered a plan with limitations by another company, and offered a policy without limitations by a third company. If you would like to consult with one of our licensed agents to review the best insurance companies for your medical history, please contact us.

Living in the Chicagoland area has its own unique challenges when searching for health insurance. We understand there are seemingly infinite options available to you, and our online resources will help you save time and money in searching for the right health insurance policy.  We are familiar with the underwriting guidelines and provider networks of each insurance company and can guide you through the process of finding a plan that best accomodates your lifestyle and budget.

Below is a list of our preferred companies offering individual health plans in Illinois:


Insurance Companies

Aetna for Illinois Residents

Aetna plans are easy to understand, easy to choose, and thanks to their easy-to-use web tools, easy to manage. Along with several choices of a deductible, their PPO plans offer low doctor co-pays, emergency care co-pays, and one of the best preventative care coverage offered by any insurance carrier.


Assurant Health for Illinois Residents

Assurant offers PPO plans that can be customized to meet your needs and budget.  For individuals that need insurance for a limited period of time, Assurant offers the #1 short term medical plan of any company.  



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for Illinois ResidentsBCBS of Illinois is the largest and most popular health insurance company in the state. They boast the largest PPO provider network of over 23,000 physicians.



Humana One for Illinois Residents

With 3 new plans to choose from, Humana is on the leading edge of changing how health insurance is done. These plans allow you to custom design the coverage you need from dental benefits to prescription drugs and life insurance plans. Humana's plans are also portable - which allows you to keep your coverage if you move to another state. And with one of the most extensive networks not only in Illinois but also nationwide - you are covered almost anywhere while traveling.


United Healthcare and Golden Rule Plans for Illinois Residents

Golden Rule is a member of the United Health Group family of businesses, which currently serves nearly 55 million individuals nationwide. They are a recognized pioneer - and one of the nation's leading providers - of Health Savings Account plans. If you are looking for well-designed plans, with great add-on benefits (such as maternity), Golden Rule is a great choice.


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