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Unicare - Illinois Individual & Family Plan Descriptions

UniCare offers a selection of health plans with varying benefits and annual deductibles. Their rates are very competitive because of their innovative product design and cost-effective PPO networks. The different plans are described below:

Unicare FIT Plans

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Unicare FIT PPO Plans provide a combination of comprehensive benefits and an extensive PPO network with very competitve rates. FIT Plans are nearly identical. All FIT plans feature first dollar benefits (coverage with no annual deductible amount) for in-network office visits at a copay of $30, and certain preventive care screenings with a first dollar benefit maximum of $300 per member.

All FIT Plans include:

FIT Deductibles
  • $500 single / $1,0000 family
  • $1,000 single / $2,000 family
  • $1,500 single / $3,000 family
  • $2,000 single / $4,000 family
  • $3,000 single / $6,000 family
  • $5,000 single / $10,000 family

*All FIT plans provide a $10 generic prescription drug copay. For the FIT 500 and FIT 1000 plans, the prescription drug deductible for brand names is $250. For all other FIT plans, the brand name prescripton deductible is $500.

Unicare Saver 2000

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The SAVER 2000 is Unicare's lowest-priced PPO health insurance plan that provides limited copay benefits for office visits and basic hospital and surgical benefits. The SAVER 2000 is a popular plan for individuals who want catastrophic coverage with an office visit copay benefit at an affordable price. If you are considering this plan, you should understand the tradeoffs involved in purchasing a very low-cost health insurance plan.

SAVER 2000 Deductibles
  • $2,000 single / $4,000 family

The SAVER 2000 is priced lower than other Unicare plans because it provides limited benefits for several non-core services. The primary benefit differences between the SAVER $2000 plan and UniCare's standard $2000 deductible plan from PPO providers include:

Benefits Unicare 2000 Saver 2000
Office Visits $30 co-pay applies to up to four office visits per person per year. Covers only two office visits per year (PPO and non-PPO combined). $30 co-pay applies to PPO office visits.
Child Immunizations Covered up to $200 per year. Not covered
Lab Work & X-rays Subject to the $2000 deductible, then covered at 70% Deductible not applicable, but benefits capped at $300 per year
Professional Services (surgery, anesthesia, radiation therapy, in-hospital doctor visits, diagnostic x-rays and lab) Subject to the $2000 deductible, then covered at 70%. Coverage is for both in-patient and out-patient services. Same, coverage applies to in-patient services only
Physical/Occupational Therapy, Acupuncture Pays up to $30 per visit, up to 12 visit/year Not covered
Durable Medical Equipment Subject to the $2000 deductible, then covered at 70% Not covered
Prescription Drugs - Retail & Mail Order Covered up to the $5 million lifetime maximum benefit. $500 Maximum annual benefit

No Maternity Benefits

All UniCare's individual and family plans in Illinois do not include coverage for routine maternity. If you want a plan with maternity benefits, UniCare is probably not your best choice.

4th Quarter Deductible Carry-Over

The FIT plans and Saver 2000 plan feature a fourth quarter carry-over for the annual deductible. If your annual deductible is not satisfied in a given year, the covered expenses incurred during the months of October through December will be applied toward your annual deductible for the following year.