Why Buy From Us?

We are a licensed, independent insurance agency, with no allegiance to any one insurance company. We offer a broad selection of health insurance companies and plans, which allows you to find the plan that fits your needs. The companies we work with generally have a A.M. Best rating of A- or better and has an adequate PPO network. If there is a good product available in Illinois at a good price, we have it.

Whether you are just looking, buy a $60 or a $10,000 policy, you will be treated as our best customer. We are available to answer questions any time you need us, not just while you are buying a policy.

Health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance. Whether you buy from us, another agency, or directly from a health insurance company, you will pay the same monthly premium for the same plan.

There is no cost of using our services. Insurance companies pay us a commission for each policy we sell.

We find our clients the best insurance plan and price based on their needs, not the commission an insurance company pays. In fact, insurance companies change their commission structures so often we don't even keep track of what companies pay us. Typically, insurance companies pay around 10% commission the first year and 4% for years 2 and beyond. Our mission is to treat each individual like they are family, getting them the best plan at the best price, and never sell plans based on the amount we are paid.